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Elijah was raised on a dairy farm in Palmyra, Maine. He split firewood with his older siblings in the late fall. Summer weekends uptah camp meant a chance to go sailing and sit around the fire. A deep connection to nature pushed him to study biology at the University of Maine. After graduating, Elijah spent two years contributing to climate change and ecological research. But there was a drive to work with his hands near the ocean.

Elijah Davis

Curiosity & Good Luck

Elijah considered the rich tradition of Maine boatbuilders. He stumbled upon the restoration of Herreshoff's New York 40 'Marilee' at French & Webb, and kept an extensive notebook among the most talented shipwrights there. Elijah got his hands on six more years of various boat restorations, explored the custom cabinet & house trim world, and is now focused on small boats.

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