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Point Comfort 18

Doug Hylan Design, currently being built by Elijah Davis

     A Chesapeake Deadrise skiff that will turn heads in Maine waters. Man the tiller, or helm the center console, and enjoy the sunshine while a couple friends look for seals. Comfortable, cool, and easy to maneuver. 10-25 Hp outboard. Admire on the mooring, tie to the slip, or trailer from home.

Contact me for pricing.

A traditional workboat shape

Quite simply, cool as hell.

Designer: Doug Hylan

LOA: 18'3"

Waterline: 17'4"

Beam: 5'5"

Weight: 350 lbs

Safe capacity: 950lbs

Gear storage & built-in cooler

Power: 10-25 hp outboard

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