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Design Catalog

Let's work together.

Please feel free to explore the boat images below. The catalog is always evolving as more great designs are discovered. Elijah purchases plans from established naval architects, allowing him to focus on production. Architects include: Paul Gartside, Joel White, John/Will Atkin, Pete Culler, John Gardner, Iain Oughtred, and others.

Other boats will always be considered, this is just a helpful tool. If you see one you like, or want something similar - contact me here. As you browse, keep in mind your boat will be built with customized details such as paint colors and hardware - so try to focus on hull shape and size. Have fun!

Smallest Tenders

Typical Dingy Dockers

Larger Tenders & Sailing Dingies

Mid-sized Sailboats

Rowing Shells & Pulling Boats

Economical Work/Fishing Boats

Inboard skiffs & launches 13-25'

Outboard skiffs & Center consoles 12-24'

Pocket Cruisers

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