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Acorn 17

An Iain Oughtred design, modified by Elijah Davis

      A timeless lapstrake rowboat with a wineglass transom. Stretched from the 15' design to 16'7" to increase hull speed and space for custom decks and dry storage, accessed by 8" waterproof hatches. This lightweight craft is intended for Maine Island Trail row camp-cruising, morning exercise rows, or romantic picnics. Single or tandem fixed seat rowing with a passenger thwart aft. Solo removable sliding seat retrofit available. Easily beached, moored, docked, or trailered. 

 $9,500 USD Contact me to make an offer


A comfortable, sleek hull.

Designer: Iain Oughtred

LOA: 16'7"

Waterline: 16'4"

Beam: 47"

Weight: 135 lbs

Freeboard at oarlocks: 16"

Capacity: 2 persons + gear

Gear storage: 2 decked floatation tanks


Classic lines. Modern construction.

Cambered decks with curved coaming shed splashes of water away from rowers. Epoxy construction, non-rusting fasteners, and highest quality finishes ensure lifelong use with minimal maintenance. Protection underneath for confident beaching.

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