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Annapolis Wherry

A John Harris deisgn, built by Elijah Davis

    The Annapolis Wherry combines the appearance of a classic lapstrake rowboat with the performance of a lightweight rec shell. This car top-able pulling boat is stable enough to stand in but can sprint about 6 knots. It's comfortable in choppy water, and great for low impact exercise. I built this wherry for a college rower who frequently uses an erg machine at the gym and now can be on the water. Brass chafe guards match functional cleats. A glued up a sapele veneer on the transom compliments the gunwales and quarter knees. 


SOLD 2021 - Contact me to commission a new build or similar design


Fast & quiet on the water.

LOA: 17'9"

Waterline: 17'7"

Beam: 38"

Weight: 65lbs (w/o sliding seat insert)

Capacity: 350 lbs

Finishes: Interlux Brightside light blue

Epifanes varnish

Gallery coming soon

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